Guided tour guide in sign language

Come for a guided tour in sign language though “Zbigniew Libera: It’s not my fault that this sculpture rubbed againts me”. Guide: Agnieszka Tarasiuk PSL...

What do sculptures have to say – workshops on storytelling

What happened during Zbigniew Libera’s tours around storerooms? Who was the hunter and who the hunted? Why do some object talks to us and capture our attention, and others...

Carpentry workshops for adults

We invite you for carpentry workshops with the Woodchips. We will be making our own furniture inspired by Henryk Stażewski’s art works. Over the course of three workshops...

Artists’ Film Portraits: Jerzy Bereś

We invite for a film portrait of Jerzy Bereś on 16 February. Alfabet Polskiego Performance [An ABC of Polish Performance] (34’), dir. Paweł Kamiński and Jan Świdziński...

Meeting by the sculpture pt. 3

On 11 February come for a meeting with prof. Agata Jakubowska by “Żagiew” [Torch] (1962) by Alina Szapocznikow. At the end of the 1950s beauty of a female body was...

Museum Thursdays

Museum Thursdays is a series of lectures, meetings and workshops for seniors. Come and explore the collection of Sculpture Museum and temporary exhibitions. Future events: 4...

Meeting by the sculpture pt. 2

On 28 January come for a meeting with Andrzej Przywara by Composition 1966 (Object in space) by Edward Krasiński. “Object in space” belongs to a conventional group of...

Concert accompanying Joanna Halszka Sokołowska plays Franz Schubert Winterreise record

The legendary song cycle by Franz Schubert, composed to Wilhelm Müller’s poems, is the classic of classical music, an indispensable element of musical canon, one of...

Free tour around the sculpture storerooms of Xawery Dunikowski

On Tuesday 26 January it will have been 52 years after Xawery Dunikowski’s death. On this day come for a special tour around the sculpture storerooms of Xawery Dunikowski!...

Anniversary exhibition in English

24 January, Sunday, at 12am, come for an English tour through the exhibition “Zbigniew Libera: It's Not My Fault That This Sculpture rubbed againts me” Guide:...

Performative tour for people with vision defects

Królikarnia celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this occasion we have prepared an exhibition consisting of sculptures that visual artist Zbigniew Libera selected from...

Film portraits of the artists: Władysław Hasior

On 19 January come and watch a film portrait of Władysław Hasior. Polska Sztuka Współczesna [Polish Modern Art] (10’), dir. Konstanty Gordon, commentary: Jadwiga...

Sculpture collages – making a new object for an exhibition

All sculptures selected for the exhibition go along with an authorial commentary in the form of Zbigniew Libera’s drawings. What drawing could fit the Królikarnia...