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Little Warsaw Autumn - Piotr Tabakiernik GŁOSY (VOICES / VOTES), perf. by HASHTAG ENSEMBLE

Saturday, 22nd September, 12 p.m. The concert is a part of 61. Warsaw Autumn Internationa Festival of Contemporary Music Free admission   HASHTAG ENSEMBLE  Lilianna...

Classic on the grass - On Tango

Sunday, September 2nd, 12 p.m. Free admission   Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra solists concert "On Tango"   Jerzy Cembrzyński - conductor Krzysztof Kott -...

The Mothers of Originals - curatorial guided tour

Saturday, September 1st, 12 p.m. Free admission   Curatorial guided tour held by Ewa Kozik, of "The Mothers of Originals" exhibition.  Event held in Polish....

Ethics of the Mothers of Originals – for what reasons are new casts of sculptures being made? Talk held by Joanna Torchała

Saturday, 25 August, 12 p.m. Free admission    The meeting at "The Mothers of Originals" exhibition. Joanna Torchała, one of Museum of Sculpture in...

At Dawn no 20 - Barbara Kinga Majewska

Sunday, 12 August, 5 AM Free admission   Barbara Kinga Majewska Doppelgänger –  solo performance with an accompanying voice    DJ Uluatore - set...

At Dawn no 19 - Geo Wyeth

Sunday, 22 July 2018, 4:30 AM Free admission   Geo Wyeth – live performance Nathan Gray – lecture-performance Y-L Hooi & Tarquin Manek – live act...

The Mothers of Originals - exhibition opening

The Mothers of Originals exhibition opening - 13th July, 7 p.m.   14th July - 2nd September 2018 Admission free...